Terms And Conditions

This file describes the policy the COMPANY NAME concerning using all hallmarks and graphic logo designs COMPANY NAME jobs use to determine COMPANY NAME ® tasks and any software application established and dispersed by COMPANY NAME tasks. The COMPANY NAME owns all COMPANY NAME-related hallmarks, service marks, and graphic logo designs on behalf of our job neighborhoods and the names of all COMPANY NAME jobs are hallmarks of the COMPANY NAME.

The following details assists guarantee our marks and logo designs are used in authorized methods, guaranteeing that we can lawfully secure our task brand names in addition to motivating making use of COMPANY NAME software application and our brand names in authorized methods by 3rd parties. You might call us with any concerns about this policy or any COMPANY NAME hallmarks, and please read our list of trademark resources.


BUSINESS NAME ® hallmarks, service marks, and graphics marks are signs of the quality and neighborhood support that individuals have actually concerned connect with jobs of the COMPANY NAME. To guarantee that making use of COMPANY NAME marks will not cause confusion about our software application, we need to manage their use in association with software application and associated services by other business. As a United States based corporation, we have a legal obligation and the authority to set policy for the use of our marks.

The COMPANY NAME and our numerous software need to be plainly appreciable from any software application that takes on COMPANY NAME software application, and from software application or services by any business or person that is not part of the COMPANY NAME.

BUSINESS NAME hallmarks should not be used to disparage the COMPANY NAME, our jobs, members, sponsors, or neighborhoods, nor be used in any way to indicate ownership, recommendation, or sponsorship of any COMPANY NAME-related job or effort of any kind. As a vendor-neutral company, a vital part of our brand name is that COMPANY NAME jobs are governed separately.


This file is not meant to sum up the complex law of hallmarks. It will work, nevertheless, to comprehend some essential concepts. More details is on our trademark resources noting.

Trademark Defined

A trademark is a word, expression, sign or style, or a mix of words, expressions, signs or styles, that determines and differentiates the source of the items of one celebration from those of others. A service mark is the very same as a trademark, other than that it determines and identifies the source of a service instead of an item. Throughout this policy file, the terms “trademark” and “mark” describe both hallmarks and service marks.

Nominative Use

Anybody can use COMPANY NAME hallmarks if that use of the trademark is nominative. The “nominative use” (or “nominative reasonable use”) defense to trademark violation is a legal teaching that licenses everybody (even industrial business) to use another individual’s trademark as long as 3 requirements are satisfied:

The service or product in concern need to be one not easily recognizable without use of the trademark;

Just a lot of the mark or marks might be used as is fairly required to recognize the services or product; and

The company utilizing the mark needs to not do anything that would, in combination with the mark, recommend sponsorship or recommendation by the trademark holder.

The trademark nominative reasonable use defense is planned to motivate individuals to describe trademarked products and services by utilizing the trademark itself. This trademark defense has absolutely nothing to do with copyright reasonable use and need to not be puzzled with those guidelines.

“Complicated resemblance” or “possibility of confusion” test

Some usages of another individual’s trademark are nominative reasonable use, however some usages are merely infringing. If a trademark is used in such a way that the appropriate taking in public will likely be puzzled or misinterpreted about the source of an item or service offered or supplied utilizing the mark in concern, then possibility of confusion exists and the mark has actually been infringed.

Keep in mind that, even if there is no probability of confusion, you might still be accountable for utilizing another business’s trademark if you are blurring or tainting their mark under the state and/or federal dilution laws.

To prevent infringing COMPANY NAME’s marks, you need to validate that your use of our marks is nominative which you are not most likely to puzzle software application customers that your software application is the exact same as COMPANY NAME’s software application or is backed by COMPANY NAME. This policy is currently summed up in area 6 of the COMPANY NAME License, therefore it is a condition for your use of COMPANY NAME software application:

This License does not give authorization to use the brand name, hallmarks, service marks, or item names of the Licensor, other than as needed for sensible and traditional use in explaining the origin of the Work and replicating the material of the NOTICE file.